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Dare to be Great and You just might Be!

Training to Therapy

Photo Gallery

Beijing Olympics Beijing Olympics Coaches and Medical Staff 141962320 Gold Medal Ceremony 141962655 Getting Ready yo take the 1st Place podium 141962656 18 Gold Medals coming back to the USA 141962657 What all our Hard work was for! 141962658 Beijing Olympic Gold 141962694 Staff and Player all on the Podium 141962947 Mark Higgins with the Gold Medal 141962948 Mark Higgins with Manchester United and Brazil Strike Anderson 141963051 Mark Higgins and the legend Ronaldinio 141963052 Mark Higgins with USA Striker Angela Hucles 141963055 MArk Higgins making sure the Gold medal is the Real McCoy 141963311 USA defender Kate Maragraf and Mark Higgins 141963312 USA Goal Keeper Hope Solo, Mark Higgins and USA midfielder/ USA Player of the year 2008 Carli Loyld 141963313